Thursday, April 17, 2014


Another year has come and gone.  I am one year older. I have run the gambit on birthdays. From the child’s excitement of being a year older, to the teens waiting for 18 so I could be grown. Then waiting for 21. Remember? At 21, everything was going to be all right because I could do what I want. Growing up is overrated.

I went through years of denying I even had a birthday, but finally have reached the point where I am resigned to it. Birthdays come and go. The only consistent thing is you are one year older. Did you learn anything from the last year? Well,,,
I learned no matter how carefully I check the lines at Wal-Mart; I am always going to get behind the person that; has coupons for every item, can’t find one of the coupons, so has to search through her hundreds of coupons to find the one that is MIA. They will need three price check and have to change one item because it is not the right one on the coupon: their debit or credit card will be expired and they will have to write a check and search for their ID

All of the other lines I rejected will have cleared three times.

Every red light I encounter will catch me.

My local Gas station sees me coming and raises prices immediately 5 cents a gallon more than it was the day before when I saw it. 

GPS’s well are fickle.

I learned to trust my instincts, and not let anyone tell me to ignore my feelings.

I learned that trucks and cars find my daughter and like to run into her. Luckily, she is never hurt, but is does baffle me that she is continually in the wrong place at the right time.
I also have learned my daughter is my hero. she has more patience and love for people then anyone I know. I probably would have a jail sentence in place for some of the people she forgives.
She rocks.

I learned that true friends do exist. Longtime friends that are always there, rather or not I speak to them on regular bases.

A bargain is not a bargain. Buying something from a truck on the side of the road is probably not a good idea.

Giving money to the homeless is an awesome thing to do.

The best giving is when you give or do something and expect nothing in return
because if it is not appreciated, it's ok.

Grand kids rock.

So to start another year…I hope your birthday, whenever it is,  is AWESOME..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Musing while sitting in the school parking lot...

I love spring. The temperature are not too cold and not too hot. There is a breeze off the water you can feel anywhere in the city. Another thing you can see and smell is the marsh. Oh well, it is all a part of Charleston.
With spring comes spring break. I was sitting in my car waiting for Natasha, and idly watching the kids come out from school. Observation is priceless.
I saw one little girl pigtails flying run and hop into her mom’s car, her mom gave her a big hug. I also saw a little boy run to his mom happily calling out
“Hi Mommy!” a very big smile of excitement at seeing her, and his mom in grabbed his arm and hissed at him to get in the car. Dashing his joy instantly. You have to feel sorry for the kid, aslo though I have to remember I don’t know what problems his mom was dealing with at that time.
While spring break is happily anticipated by most kids, some dread it. Some hate the thought of not being at school for ten days. Why? Because school besides learning means food. School lunch and breakfast are the only meals they get. The thought of going through 10 days not knowing where their next meal is coming from is scary. One in 15 children in Charleston County are hungry.
The little munchkin’s class has had lots of theft of food lately. The teacher has not been able to ascertain which child or which children are stealing snacks. It is heartbreaking to know someone in this class steals food to take home.
We don’t know who they are.
Tasha came home from school very upset one day. Her friend at school was not going to be able to purchase her school pictures, her mom couldn't afford them.
“Can we buy them for her? Nanny?” she pleaded.
No problem I told her. I worried about other things, but to the munchkin the thought of her friend not having her pictures was devastating.
I am glad she has a heart. We sometimes forget this in the everyday living stuff.
When she is begging for a toy, and has so many we think “she is being selfish” we forget the day she spent her lunch money to buy a treat for a friend that didn’t have any.
Or all the times she shared her snack with kids who do not or cannot bring any so they will not be hungry.
I worry she does not understand the lack of having simple things…like food, shelter then she turns around and proves she has deep concern for those very things in others. So Spring Break we are going to be doing some things for the hungry kids. I have been a long time member of No Kid Hungry.
We are working at the church and we are praying for the hungry.Besides, of course the usual spring break fracas
What are your plans this week? Please share for those of us flat out of ideas...:)

Happy Monday...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Open Letter to the Driver in the white car on Spring Street.

 Dear Sir:

I hope you made it to your destination yesterday. You were in such a hurry to get there. When you decided I was not moving fast enough, and cut in front of me; only to find traffic at a dead stop.was that a disappointment to you?

Let me tell you what happened in my car. Because I had to slam on my brakes, even though we were only going 5 miles an hour...It threw  my granddaughter forward in her seat violently. The doll she had been happily playing with went flying, as well as the donuts she was munching on. Worse than that in three seconds, she went from happily playing to terrified. Rightly so.

Nevertheless, you did not stop there. You decided to try to get around the stopped cars by changing lanes, and doing the exactly same thing to a family in a blue Toyota. It was a good thing the driver was paying attention because there was a baby in that car. I heard it crying.
Driving is a serious enough deal, but you made it worse.
By the way, I did notice, as both the Toyota and myself passed you heading to the bridge, you were stopped at the stoplight with seven cars in front of you. Seven.  We whizzed  by continuing on to our destinations, happy for good seat belts and brakes.

Was the three blocks of terror worth it?

I want to thank you, though, for reminding me of something’s.
Thank you for reminding me that life is fleeting, and at any moment, it can end.
That the most precious thing in my life was sitting behind me, and how important being alert is.
That there is not anywhere in the world so important, that I will endanger my life or others.
And..speed does not win. Look at the speeder still stuck at the light while we passed him.

Still, I hope you made it to your destination; I hope you made it safely. I would not want anything to happen to anyone. I grieve for the bus accidents in California that wiped out so many young lives, I grieve for the 10 20 30 car pileup because someone was not alert.
See, if you understand anything understand this: just like the DUI driver, the text while driving driver, it is not only your life your are risking. Those cars next to you have people in them. People with lives of their own. Do not be selfish, think about consequences to you and other.

You have a good, day now and drive safely.

the lady in the black Ford.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday morning

I know she is in there, isn't she?
Tasha on a Saturday Morning.
Shortly after I found her she got up and helped me make pancakes for breakfast. So starts our day.

It is a beautiful day in Charleston today. The sun is bright, though a few clouds are hanging around keeping the temps down.
A C-17 flew over my head at 4:30 am either on its way in or out of Joint base Charleston, I am not sure. Still I prayed for their safety.
This is a big weekend. We have the Bridge Run a yearly event that pulls thousands from all over America, it is our own Boston Marathon.
what a crowd
the 10K race has been a staple of spring in Charleston for 37 years. We have runners from all over the world. the winner of this years race is from Nigeria. Of course we have a wheelchair division and Kids fest for the kids. They do not run 10k, but they get their chance to show their stuff.
Courtesy of Joan Perry

We have the Flower town festival, a flower and flea market attraction that will boggle your mind. So many flowers! So many vendors and food food food! Cannot have a southern festival without food.

Speaking of food, the Cajun festival is also in town, Cajun food and dancing until the cows come home.

Charleston is a town of families, and now that we finally have spring weather It is about to break loose. There is always something to do in this city.

Unfortunately for Natasha, although we cheered everyone else on: all we did was spring cleaning, running errands, clean out my car and take lunch to mommy at work.

Now that's real life.
Sorry Kid

End of the race! Thanks Joan Perry!